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Black Keychain Personal Defense Pepper Spray OC-18 1/2 oz With Case


Bling Keychain Personal Defense Pepper Spray OC-18 1/2 oz With Case Pink


21 Inch Nonglare Coated Steel Baton


Lilac Hard Case Personal Defense Pepper Spray Keychain With Belt Clip


Pink Comb With Hidden Knife


Snake Skin Pattern Personal Defense Pepper Spray OC-18 1/2 oz - Yellow


Purple Hard Case Personal Defense Pepper Spray Keychain With Belt Clip


Heavy Duty Black Buckle & Paperweight


Pink Duo Max Power Stun Gun Double Shock With Removable Safety Pin


Lipstick Hidden Knife Black 2.75" Concealed 1" Blade Self Defense


Personal Defense High Voltage Discreet Smart Cell Phone Stun Gun


Ballistic Black Bullet Shot Spring Assisted Folding Knife


Tac-Force Brown PakkaWood Gray Blade Cleaver Spring Assist Knife


All Metal Diving Knife with Black Sheath


Pink Max Power Stun Gun 10 Million Volt Rechargeable LED Flashlight New!


Black Max Power Stun Gun 10 Million Volt Rechargeable LED Flashlight New!


Silver Two Finger Gothic Cross Skull Paperweight Biker Knuckle Duster


Pink Survival 3 In 1 Solar Rechargeable Stun Gun, Flashlight & Power Bank


Lipstick Hidden Knife Blue 2.75" Concealed 1" Blade Self Defense


Battle Rady Full Tang Ninja Machete


Ballistic Forest Camo Hunting Assisted Opening Pocket Knife


Black Marble Stiletto Blade Spring Assisted Folding Knife


2 PCS Spiked Ninja Bracers Razor Spikes Arm Gauntlet's


Purple Max Power Stun Gun 10 Million Volt Rechargeable LED Flashlight New!


3" Black Serrated Blade Tan Camo Karambit Tactical Spring Assist Knife


Ballistic Assisted Spring Action Opening Knife - Black Green Blade


Silver Cat Knuckle Self Defense With Pouch


Skull Spider Fanntasy Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife Blue


Tactical Defense Neck Boot Knife Tanto Urban Camo With Sheath


Stiletto Style Assisted Opening Folding Pocket Knife Pink Purple


3" Blade Black Pearl Handle Stiletto Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife


5" Stiletto Blade Black Wood Handle Spring-Assisted Folding Knife


16.5 Inches Killer Red Bill Hook Machete With Scabbard


Black 7" Full Tang Tanto 4mm Blade Survival Knife with Sheath & Fire Starter


All Black Double Edged Joker Assisted Opening Knife With Two Tone Blade


Gold AK-47 Rifle Paperweight AK47 Gun Knuckle


10" Red Reaper Straight Razor Blade Knife


9 Inch Italian Stiletto Style Tactical Spring Assisted Open Pocket Knife White


Spring Assist - 'Legal Automatic' Knife - Red Camo Handle


Tac-Force Digital Camo Spring Assisted Opening Knife


12" Dagger Polypropylene Combat Law Enforcement Martial Arts Training Knife


Fillet Knife 12" Fixed Blade Wood Handle Full Tang


8,000,000 Rechargeable Ultra Mini Stun Gun With LED Light Black


American Flag Skull These Colors Don't Run Blade Spring Assisted Knife


Tac-Force 4.75 Inch Closed Brown Pakkawood Handle Spring Assisted Opening Knife


Spider Web Assisted Opening Folding Cleaver Blade Pocket Knife Red


USA Ballistic Orange ABS Handle Spring Assisted Pocket Knife


Italian Stiletto Style Spring Assisted Knife - All Black


10" Blade Black Wood Handle Full Tang Hunter Bowie Knife


USA Ballistic 2.5" Pink Blade Assisted Open Pocket Knife


Mtech USA 4.5 Inch Closed Spring Assisted Opening Knife Bottle Opener Purple


Assisted Opening Knife 5.5 Inches Closed with Green and Black Handle


All Terrain Rugged Camping Outdoor Axe


Confederate Spring Assist Bottle Opener Pocket Knife With Money Clip


Skull Dark Silver Grey Paperweight Goth Punk Biker Duster Knuckle


Butterfly Trainer 4 Inch Blue Hawkbill Blade Balisong Knife


Zombie Killer Arrowhead Throwing Knives


Tac Force Spring Assisted Knife 3.75 Inch Closed Titanium


Speedster Model Spring Assisted Folding Knife Rainbow Titanium


Gray Stone Wash JOKER Stiletto Style Spring Assisted Opening Tactical Pocket Knife


Survivor Brown Straight Fixed Blade Survival Hunting Knife With Sheath


Butterfly Trainer 4 Inch Rainbow Tanto Blade Balisong Knife


3.75" Blade Serrated Silver Guard Hunter Spring Assist Pocket Knife


3.75 Inch Closed Full Gold Tactical Rescue Spring Assisted Knife


LED Solar Emergency Light Lantern Rechargable Travel Camping


Defender 10 Million Volt Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun Rechargeable All Metal Tree Camo


Black & Satin Design Spring Assisted Folding Knife With Pocket Clip


Orange Camo Handle Spring Assisted Knife


Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife Pakka Wood Handle


Assisted Open Ninja Stiletto Ring Fighter Pocket Knife Silver


Legendary Midnight Wing Throwing Axe


Mtech USa Xtreme Green Titanium Fixed Blade Karambit Knife


MTech Ballistic Bayonet Dagger Style Military Tactical Spring Assist Knife


Ballistic 5 Inch Closed Rescue Spring Assisted Knife Green Skull


Stiletto Style Spring Action Assisted Folder Knife - White Mother of Pearl


Executive Rainbow Speedster Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife


3.25" Black Tanto Blade Engravable Tactical EDC Spring Assist Knife


25 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun W/ LED Light & Disable Pin Tiger Print


MTech USA Spring Assisted Blue Pocket Screwdriver Can Opener Knife


Confederate States Rebel Flag Tactical Spring Assisted Knife


Dark Side Blades 5.25 Inches Black Knuckle Handle Spring Assisted Knife


Tac-Force Rescue Style Assisted Opening Pocket Knife Black Gold Handle


3.75" Blade Serrated Gold Spring Assisted Pocket Knife


Joker Spring Assist 'Legal Automatic' Knife


Karambit Reverse Sawblade Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife


38 Inch Overall Black PP Material Chinese War Practice Training Sword


Fire Fighter Rescue Spring Assisted Opening Folding Pocket Knife


Gold Skull Titanium Nitrite Blade Tactical Spring Assisted Pocket Knife


Tarantula Spider Fantasy Spring Assist Folding Pocket Knife 3.5" Blade


Black Serrated Blue Navy Tactical Rescue EDC Spring Assist Knife


Alien Eradicator Parang Zombie Machete


Confederate Flag Skull Spring Assisted Knife Tactical EDC


Zombie Killer Red Outdoor Hiking and Backpacking Bolo Machete Knife


Rainbow Steel Bone Crusher Cleaver Blade Assisted Opening Pocket Knife


3 Inches Assisted Opening Knife Green Blade and Black Handle


Blue Monarch Butterfly Wing Tactical EDC Spring Assisted Knife


4 Inch Closed Stiletto Style Assisted Knife With White Pearl Handle


Skull Gold Paperweight Goth Punk Biker Knuckle Duster


Spring Assisted Knife Red Black Fire Eagle Feather Fantasy Tactical


Ninja Knuckle Fighter Cobra Knife - Grey Cord Wrapped Handle

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